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Also, I swear.

A fucking lot.

I have an unhealthy obsession with Tom Hiddleston.




No. Stop. Please.

Are these shirts for sale?

Screw the shirts. I want the dudes IN the shirts. Now. Please.





Mozzarella does her best impression of a sausage.

I just love how after he asks if it’s a sausage, it looks down like “oh shit! I am a sausage :o”

"Are you a sausage?"
"*cats looks down and back up* yah"

I love it when cats open their mouths wide open and all that comes out is a small peep




as summer turns to autumn, decreasing levels of light begin to slow the production of chlorophyll in leaves, causing their green colour to fade. the >production of carotenoids and flavonoids also begins to slow, but these pigments are broken down more slowly than chlorophyll, allowing their yellow and orange colours to be expressed. for some leaves, this time of year also sees an increase in the production of the flavonoid anthocyanin, causing those leaves with lower levels of other flavonoids or carotenoids to turn red.  (see also: autumnal art)

photos by (click pic) heiko gerlicherlevi basist, matt cardypatrick pleul, kacper kowalskidina rudickalexander kunzagustin rafael reyes and yann arthus bertrand

Or, as the rabid tourista leaf peepers who invade every fall and try to negotiate Vermont’s winding, narrow two lane country roads at the breakneck speed of 25 mph while holding up miles of traffic full of homicidal natives who are only trying to get to work/school, etc, say, “Look at the pretty leaves, Martha!”


I don’t care how many times I look at his photos they never fail to make me all giddy inside.






I wanna hug that man so much!!!!!

Noone knows Loki like Tom knows Loki.

Get in line, Hiddleston. Or we can make it alright for him together. Gentleman’s choice…

Baby, we all want to make it better for him and I’m quite sure we all have imagined all the things we would do to him to do just that.

This is why I write my Loki happy. I’m tired of him being sad.

That’s why 90% of my fanfic ideas involve someone being sweet to him and making him feel better (with a side of telling Odin the fuck off for being a lousy parent to both Loki and Thor).

get to know me | favorite movies [2/5→ the prince of egypt (1998)

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awhellcastiel postulated:
Hi! I'm a huge fan of your Loki meta, and there's a thought that's been going through my mind a lot lately, so I thought I'd ask your opinion :) Obviously at this stage anyone with a shred of human compassion and critical thinking skills can see that Loki does not deserve to be slapped in chains and locked away after such a clear psychotic break. However, do you feel he deserves any punishment for his actions? If you were in Odin's shoes, how would you deal with Loki post-Avengers? Thanks!
icy-mischief replied:

//Good question! My entire paradigm about how to treat Loki is based on the belief that he is AS MUCH MENTALLY ILL AS HE IS ‘EVIL.’  For all that he has done, and he has done MUCH that is not condonable, Loki has at the very least severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, some form of Attachment Disorder, cognitive-behavioral distortions such as a Hostile Attribution Bias, and one or more Personality Disorders NOT including Antisocial Personality Disorder which was once called “sociopathy” and in its most severe form “psychopathy” (really though, nothing angers me more than seeing Loki labeled as a psychopath, a misnomer often confused with the TOTALLY separate problem of psychoSIS, which he DEFINTELY has suffered from…but that is for an ENTIRELY other post).  He is also in acute mourning for his mother.  Therefore punishment takes on tricky connotations because for Loki’s reprehensible behaviors to be corrected, he needs TREATMENT as much as he needs “execution of justice.”  

Loki is DAMAGED. The following is why, which does NOT CONDONE his decisions in the present, but, IMPORTANTLY, DOES EXPLAIN THEM: 

  • He found out that he was stolen from the worst enemy Asgard ever faced to date, a race considered SUBHUMAN and INHERENTLY EVIL, and he found out that his father never told him because the “truth” of his heritage was something so awful that he had to be “protected from it.”
  • He found out (which Odin confirmed in Thor 2) that he was always intended to be used as a political device and that Odin never considered him a son, but rather, a charity case who should be groveling at his feet even for the meager compassion he was shown, which was borderline emotional neglect, by a parent he dearly loved.
  • He spent his entire childhood programmatically and deliberately placed in his brother’s shadow, as his foil, “second best,” and opposite, thereby pathologizing the only normative relationship he ever had with a peer. And even though his parents claim to love him, anytime it comes down to it,Thor is chosen over Loki hands down. Even the concept of Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, is one of worthiness to be a future monarch. A hammer Loki can never pick up.  You talk about smothering a child with impossible standards.  
  • With his brother exiled and his father in a coma (he thinks, because of his tantrum), Loki, who is passive and quiet by nature, had to be a regent king in a time of war. The pressure would have cracked anyone with half the spine Loki had.
  • He became suicidally depressed and attempted suicide. 
  • He found himself in hostile alien war space and was, according to Tom Hiddleston and Joss Whedon, tortured brutally in every conceivable way.  He was coerced by a REAL psychopath (Thanos) into being a war fieldmarshal in exchange for his freedom and a chance to rule a realm other than Asgard. 
  • All of this was still to please and emulate his father. It failed. He came home and immediately became a political scapegoat for Asgard, without a real or fair/unbiased trial, placed in prison, disowned as “Laufeyson,” and forbidden to see his mother ever again.  
  • He was never actually visited for months in solitary confinement (in a blindingly bright prison cell, the opposite of what a Jotun is acclimated to, cold and dark, with no intellectual stimulation),  and the most eventful occurrences were his mother making him choose between herself and his father, and his brother saying that if he didn’t comply with a kamikaze scheme to rescue his mortal girlfriend (whom Thor met for a few days and repeatedly showed to favor over Loki, whom he knew for at least 1047 years) he would “kill him.”  
  • His mother also died while he was in prison and he was forbidden to attend her funeral.
  • His brother who claims to have matured still clearly places all of the blame for their falling-out on Loki, and refuses to even have a civil conversation about the past without threatening to beat Loki into a pulp.  
  • He either dies or endures great physical and psychological torment to pull off an illusion of dying, and is forced to say last goodbyes with unfinished business of a catastrophic sort to his brother. 

I am a firm believer in positive reinforcement being more effective, particularly on a DAMAGED person, than punishment.  As much as he tries to conceal this fact, Loki THRIVES on praise from valued individuals.  Being locked away in a dungeon alone, in solitary confinement, underneath his home, and visited by nobody except his mother (who only visits him as an astrally projected holograph) is only going to REINFORCE HIS DELUSIONS (if they honestly even ARE delusions) OF PERSECUTION. It will NOT show Loki the error of his ways or promote positive change. 

The issue here is that the goal needs to be just that—promotion of positive change, NOT revenge, NOT “justice.”  Treating even a perpetrator with compassion and dignity ultimately has a better chance of protecting those he has injured than treating him like shit and only further feeding his vindictiveness and rage.  

So I think Loki needed to be confined for the safety of others. A cap needed to be placed over his magic and possibly over his physical freedom to wander unchecked. But he did not need to live in utter isolation and disgrace in a dungeon forsaken by his family.  He needed systematic, goal-oriented, firm kindness.  He needed to have his own preconceptions slowly destroyed on an emotional and cognitive level.  The problem is that despite its technological advancement, Asgard is a surprisingly primitive society when it comes to the treatment of mental illness.  What Loki really needed was time AWAY from Asgard, time to piece back together his identity IRRESPECTIVE of his family’s. He needed to be both empowered and validated.  Like Tom Hiddleston has said, people who are secure with themselves and their control over their circumstances don’t NEED to lash out and belittle others.

I know I’ll receive flack for this, I’ll be called “impractical” and a “soft-hearted humanist liberal.”  But frankly, if the option to repair a child before he becomes an adult via education and therapy doesn’t exist, this is the best recourse I can think of, and scientific evidence supports my assertions.  


//Reblogging since it seems to be popular. Glad to enlighten! 



Tom.  [edit/deaded]   
This makes me just want to breathlessly ask my Mom, "can i keep him?"
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fuckin beautiful

Shiny shiny eyes



Tom.  [edit/deaded]   

This makes me just want to breathlessly ask my Mom, "can i keep him?"

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fuckin beautiful

Shiny shiny eyes









Tom Hiddleston at the Criterion Theatre. Close up….just because. (x)



Dirty Southern Drawl Darling Thomas…

Kingdom of Earth! Tom… I’m not okay.

Dirty Tom in baggy pants and Ariats with gold curls… swoon..

I can see a mechanic Tom fanfic boiling in me… Do i jump start the “engine”?😉


Oh god, tarrysmith, you have no idea!

My father is a mechanic. His twin brother was a mechanic. All of my half-brother’s were mechanics at one point or another. All my mom’s brothers were mechanics, as was her father. I spent half of my childhood and adolescence sitting in my father’s auto service station watching him rebuild transmission and engine blocks. And, yes, I had a thing for some of the cute teenage and college-age boys my dad would hire on seasonally to help out.

I think some of my formative crushes were on the grease monkeys working in daddy’s garage.


it’s so funny how people find a million different songs to say 1d ripped off… it’s almost as if… there are common chord progressions used… in pop music….

And they are all Pachebel’s Canon In D.

I may or may not have squeed when Peggy came into view.